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A lone polar bear strides across a snowy landscape

Polar Bears Converge Near Russian Town

Approximately 56 polar bears are lingering near the coastal community of Ryrkaipy in Chukotka, Russia—disrupting daily life and setting residents on edge.

Back lit by the sun, sea ice appears to glow.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to make it easy for you to find the perfect gift, while supporting our conservation efforts.

Close up of polar bear fur

Polar Bear Questions: What Does Polar Bear Fur Feel Like?

Is a polar bear's fur soft or coarse? The answer, surprisingly, is both, explains Staff Scientist Thea Bechshoft.

Map showing low ice formation on Hudson Bay in late November, compared with 2018.

Unusual Freeze-up of Hudson Bay

This year, sea ice began to form on Hudson Bay and then stalled, with much of the bay still open water, a marked contrast to 2018.

Wrapped in fog, three polar bears congregate on a hillside on Wrangel Island.

Wrangel Island: Polar Bear Gathering Place

The island is an important summering and denning area for polar bears--and could play a critical role as a haven as the Arctic continues to warm.

The PBI House lit up at night, with the glow of yellow doorways in a snowy setting.

PBI House: Our First Bear Season!

We now have a place that will help tourists understand the threats polar bears face in a warming Arctic and engage them in polar bear conservation.

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Live Cam

Our live Polar Bear Cams of the annual gathering of polar bears in Churchill, Canada have ended for the season. Until they return next fall, enjoy highlights of the bears from 2019! #arcticinspiration

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Polar Bears and Their Habitat

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Follow polar bears as they journey across the ice.

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Polar Bears

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Climate Change

A threat to polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

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“The only way to save the bears and their sea ice habitats is to control temperature rise through greenhouse gas mitigation.”

Dr. Steven C. Armstrup

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Your actions today will help prevent potentially catastrophic changes from taking place—not only helping polar bears, but also preserving the climate that has allowed humans to flourish.

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