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#timeforaction was a key slogan at the 2019 climate talks in Madrid, Spain.

The Clock is Ticking—Reflections from the UN Climate Talks

Strangely, leaving Madrid I felt strength rather than apathy or hopelessness. I felt strength in my fellow citizens—indigenous leaders, youth, and scientists...

Four images illustrate caching behavior in wild polar bears

Hoarding Behavior in Polar Bears

A recent scientific paper explores caching behavior in some polar bears—including kills hidden under the snow and guarded.

Polar bears gather on a hillside on Wrangel Island

Life on Wrangel Island

Our field work fell into an easy rhythm: Chop wood, carry water, pack, unpack, prepare food, ready gear, sleep, ride, count polar bears. Repeat, repeat.

Grid of 9 photos highlighting conservation wins in 2019

Top Conservation Highlights from 2019

As we count down to the end of the year, we wanted to share 9 highlights from 2019 that show how your donations are making a difference for polar bears.

Christopher J. Carter in snowy Montana

Climate Talks in Madrid

Christopher J. Carter is once again serving as our representative at the U.N. climate summit, COP25, held this year in Spain.

Josie Martin's painting of a polar bear perched on top of the earth.

Kids, Conservation, and the Power of Youth

My favorite stories come from kids who do incredible things. They inspire me. They make me smile. And their selflessness make me want to be a better person.

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Live Cam

Our live Polar Bear Cams of the annual gathering of polar bears in Churchill, Canada have ended for the season. Until they return next fall, enjoy our Northern Lights cam and highlights of the bears from 2019! (The best viewing hours for the Northern Lights Cam are during the darkest part of the night, generally 10pm-4am ET.) #arcticinspiration

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Polar Bears and Their Habitat

Bear Tracker

Follow polar bears as they journey across the ice.

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Polar Bears

Learn more about these remarkable animals.

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Climate Change

A threat to polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

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“The only way to save the bears and their sea ice habitats is to control temperature rise through greenhouse gas mitigation.”

Dr. Steven C. Armstrup

It's not too late. Act now to effect change.

Your actions today will help prevent potentially catastrophic changes from taking place—not only helping polar bears, but also preserving the climate that has allowed humans to flourish.

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