Our Impact

Big, brilliant, and built for cold, polar bears are the very symbol of a wild Arctic. Yet, despite their size and strength, they need our help to survive the coming decades.

Making a Difference

At Polar Bears International, our mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. We work to address both short and long-term threats to polar bears to ensure they roam the sea ice for generations to come. Explore our 2023 Annual Report for highlights of our recent accomplishments.

Quarterly Impact Reports

Catch up on our latest quarterly highlights from our science, education, advocacy, and outreach teams.

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Give with Confidence

A single polar bear standing on the edge of sea ice looking into the water.

Feeling Inspired?

Together we can make a difference. If we work collaboratively and act on climate warming before it gets worse, we all win, and polar bears will continue to roam the Arctic sea ice for generations to come.