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A distinguished community of monthly donors

As a  Polar Bear Patron, you'll join other generous, passionate people from around the world—committed to ensuring the long-term survival of polar bears. 

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Polar bear mom and cubs

Your Dollars at Work

Your monthly gift—no matter how big or small— can help polar bears all year-round.

For example, $10 per month or $120 per year can fund enough “Be Polar Bear Aware” coloring books for one Northern Community classroom.

The same amount could provide a year-supply of bear spray for one polar bear conflict-reduction team; or support conflict reduction workshops; or bear-resistant dumpsters. Your monthly gift can also provide safety materials that help people understand how to live and recreate in polar bear habitat. From science to education to action, your dollars are always working for polar bears!

Maternal den polar bear research

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The Impact of Your Support

Our Polar Bear Patrons make a difference in the future of polar bears. Your monthly donations ensure our expert team of scientists, researchers, educators  and advocates have  consistent funding for valuable programs across the Arctic—from field projects to ground-breaking studies that help inform conservation efforts.

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