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Corporate Sponsorship Program

Our corporate sponsors are key supporters of Polar Bears International. In addition to financial or in-kind backing, they help us with governance, operations, and awareness.

Inspiring Change

Our corporate sponsors apply principles of environmental welfare to the production of their own products, processes, services, and by association, polar bears.

They are leaders and key influencers of corporate responsibility in their respective markets, and allow us to continue on our path to conservation.

Our corporate sponsors:

  • Hold all employees, processes, and products to high standards for environmental sustainability.

  • Demonstrate an ecological conscience through the responsible development and management of a product from its inception to its ultimate end and discontinuation.

  • Recognize and act on the premise that a significant part of success is principled stewardship of the global community.

Your Sponsorship Can Make a Difference

Your efforts help in the conservation of polar bears and their Arctic habitat. If you’re interested in becoming a corporate sponsor (starting at $35,000) or learning about our other corporate programs, please fill out the application below.

Note: The use of our logo is only available with higher levels of corporate sponsorship agreements.

Diamond Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Friends of the Bears

Contact Our Sponsorship Team

Want to help protect the polar bears? Contact us today if you’re interested in becoming a major sponsor, or if you’re looking for other ways to get involved.

Polar Bears International House

Polar Bears International House

The Polar Bears International House was made possible through a generous lead gift from the Reiss Family Foundation.

It is with great optimism that I offer this gift to Polar Bears International, the Town of Churchill, and future generations of conservationists and explorers.

– Dani Reiss, PBI Board Chair 2008 - 2017