Mama bear and cub looking into the distance

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Together, we can ensure polar bears roam the sea ice for generations to come.

The Problem

In a nutshell, global climate warming, caused by burning fossil fuels for energy, is melting the sea ice polar bears depend on.

The bears need sea ice to hunt, mate, roam, and, sometimes, den. If the Arctic continues to warm at its current rates, we will see fewer polar bears in fewer places across the Arctic, making them more vulnerable to extinction.

Concern for the climate is normal and addressing climate warming can feel overwhelming—but time and time again, humans have accomplished things that once seemed impossible. And fortunately, in this case, we already have the answers we need.

The Solution

As scientist Katharine Hayhoe says, when it comes to global climate warming and a future for polar bears, “we need all options on the table and all hands on deck.” 

The key to saving sea ice for polar bears and getting the climate back to functioning the way it should is to get away from using fossil fuels for energy all together.

Top Ways to Save the Sea Ice

Take part in affecting change that will not only help polar bears, but people too.

Support an Energy Shift

Get involved in community projects that reduce or replace fossil fuels with clean energy sources like solar and wind. Learn more about your local and regional renewable energy options and programs. Are there any solar or wind energy options available to you? Does your local energy company offer sustainable energy incentives?

Help Build a Better Future

Building, heating, cooling and lighting the places where we all work and live uses a lot of energy. Encourage energy-efficient construction standards, including better heating and cooling systems, insulation, and lighting methods that don't add heat-trapping gasses to our atmosphere.

Promote Clean Transportation

Moving goods and people around the world accounts for about 25% of the overall energy used. Support community projects aimed at reducing the number of vehicles overall, such as car sharing programs and public transportation programs. Also support the shift to electric vehicles.

Discover More Ways to Help Polar Bears

Thank you for your bravery, innovation, and dedication to this cause. The polar bear’s fate, and the fate of the planet, is in our hands. Let's write a more hopeful future together.

Mama bear sleeps while her cub climbs on her back

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