Engage your students to make a difference in fun and memorable ways.

Scientists know that it’s not too late to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save the polar bear's sea ice habitat—you and your students can do your part, too!

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Community Action Toolkits

A future for polar bears starts in your classroom.

In addition to the educational unit plans and resources available in our Education Center, we’ve developed four Community Action Toolkits that are ideal for 
student projects, awareness campaigns, and as tools for students to teach their own families.

Included in each toolkit:

  • Engaging contextual statistics and facts.
  • Detailed instructions on how to manage the challenges.
  • Sample emails you can use to inform coworkers and local businesses.
  • Media release outlines and sample letters to engage local journalists and broadcasters.
  • Images and text, ready to share on various social media platforms.

Thermostat Challenge

This toolkit uses the thermostat as a way to talk about energy conservation and its relation to global warming.

Power Down Challenge

Challenge students in your classroom and school to take the Power Down Pledge and stop phantom power by unplugging electronic devices when they’re not in use.

No Idling Challenge

Ask your students to think critically about transportation, and challenge them to encourage their families and friends to Not Idle, saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.

Pedal for Polar Bears Challenge

Biking is fun, healthy, and one of the best ways to reduce personal carbon emissions. Ask your school to help increase biking efforts in the local community.

Save Our Sea Ice Campaign

Use our Save Our Sea Ice Campaign tools to spark discussions throughout the year with your students, or as an excuse to have meaningful discussions about globalization, global citizenship, community responsibility, and sustainable living. Here we lay out the scientist-recommended actions that will best reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Continuing Education

Visit the Education Center to find lesson plans, unit plans, engaging infographics, webcast information, and relevant videos to supplement your community outreach initiatives.

Education Center

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