Top of the World Unit Plan

Explore the fascinating geography of the Arctic—a diverse region of land and sea ice—through this integrated unit.

Lesson Plans

Top of the World

  • This lesson plan for grades 4-8 is a perfect introduction to a unit study on the Arctic. It focuses on the geography of the Arctic Circle, as well as the human and environmental characteristics of the Arctic region. It includes "Pre-Lesson: The Arctic vs. Antarctica," a map of the Arctic Circle, and a "66 Degrees and Me!" table.

All About Polar Bears: What People Ask First

Other Resources

  • Sea Ice Location and Polar Bears: Did you know that Arctic sea ice isn't all the same?  This overview map of the Arctic shows the four Sea Ice Ecoregions and how they relate to polar-bear populations.
  • Bear Tracker Map: Follow wild polar bears on Hudson Bay and the Beaufort Sea as they navigate the ice in search of seals.

Videos on Arctic Habitat & Geography