Teaching & Learning Materials

We offer free teaching and learning materials, created by teachers and informal educators, on topics like polar bears, their sea ice home, climate action, and more.


Teach your class about polar bears and climate action. These presentations are for students from Kindergarten to Grade 5+.

Classroom Handouts

Get to know the polar bears even more with these fun and educational handouts.


Polar Bears: By the Numbers

Did you know a polar bear is tall enough to dunk a basketball? Or that one polar bear walked all the way from Alaska to Greenland & BACK? Polar bear scientist John Whiteman talks about polar bears by the numbers--in a kid-friendly way!

Download These Playful Activities for All

A mother bear laying down with her two cubs on either side of her

Units & Lessons

We believe in the importance of educating students about polar bears, the Arctic, and climate action. Our units and lessons support national literacy standards and learning outcomes for specific school districts.