Two polar bears on sea ice

Paws up for Polar Bears

Learn about polar bears and their changing sea ice habitat.


Role of the Unit

This unit focuses on polar bear ecology, the Arctic, and the impacts of climate change on habitats and natural processes. It was piloted in collaboration with Emily Miller, an M.S. student in Outdoor and Environmental Education at Alaska Pacific University.

Lessons Overview

Paws up for Polar Bears Lesson. Students will learn to understand ecosystems and make informed decisions through problem solving. The curriculum also instills a stewardship ethic and incorporates NGSS and CCSS standards. Each unit and lesson can be used individually or together.

Other Resources


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Sea Ice Ecoregions

Did you know that Arctic sea ice isn't all the same?  There are four Sea Ice Ecoregions, see where each polar bear subpopulation is located by downloading and completing the Colour by Ecoregion activity sheet.

Polar Bear Adaptations

Polar bears are perfectly adapted to live in the Arctic. They have many traits that help them not only survive, but thrive, in some of the coldest places on the planet. Download the activity sheet below to explore more polar bear adaptation facts!