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Polar Bears

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Polar Bears 101

Name & Evolution

The many names of a polar bear.


A physique built to dominate the Arctic.


The polar bear’s home range.


A bear that's adapted to Arctic life.


How polar bears act and behave.

Life Cycle

Mating, denning, and birthing.


Finding and catching their prey.


The hunt for fat and calories.

Myth Busters

Setting the record straight on polar bears and sea ice.

Human Interaction with Polar Bears

Indigenous People

The Nanuq.

Conflicts & Encounters

As the ice melts, polar bear and human interactions will increase.

Living Alongside Polar Bears

Northern communities and their conservation efforts.

Zoos & Aquariums

Leading in research that supports global conservation efforts.

Polar Bear Ecotourism

Seeing is believing.

Bear Tracker

Watch polar bears as they travel across the sea ice to hunt seals.

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Polar Bear FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked polar bear questions.

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Live Cam

Our live Polar Bear Cam and Tundra Connections webcasts will begin in late October. Until then, enjoy these highlights from last year’s polar bear season!

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