International Polar Bear Day is coming soon, February 27! We created the day to coincide with the time when polar bear moms and cubs are snug in their snow dens. As part of our celebration, we focus on the need to protect polar bear families across the Arctic, giving them the best chance possible as they navigate their changing world.

We hope you’ll join us for live events and special outreach in the week leading up to International Polar Bear Day and on the day itself. Tune in to celebrate polar bears, learn about moms and cubs, and gain insights into the challenges of Arctic field work during the vulnerable denning period. Also find out how, together, we can help polar bear families.

Explore the Schedule

Polar Bears International Video Premiere: A Day in the Life: BJ Kirschhoffer
Wednesday, February 22, at 7 am CT — Add to calendar

Being able to detect polar bear dens hidden under the snow will help protect polar bear families from disturbances. Meet our own tech guru, BJ Kirschhoffer, and venture with him into the wild beauty of Svalbard, Norway as he explores the potential of using radar technology to pinpoint den locations.

Polar Bears International Video Premiere: A Day in the Life: Joanna Sulich
Friday, February 24, at 7 am CT — Add to calendar

From her home base in Svalbard, biologist Joanna Sulich helps us each year with our Maternal Den Study, setting up den cameras in subzero weather on challenging mountain terrain. Tune in to learn about her work and the incredible respect she has for polar bear moms and cubs.

Polar Bears International Video Premiere: Violet
Monday, February 27, at 7 am CT — Add to calendar

Travel to the remote, snowy slopes of Svalbard, Norway and onto the sea ice with Violet, a young polar bear mom making her way in a warming Arctic with her young cubs.

Facebook Live: Q&A on Polar Bear Moms and Cubs
Monday, February 27, 11 am CT — Add to calendar

Join our own Dr. Thea Bechshoft to learn about polar bear moms, cubs, and the denning period. Ask questions and see if you can stump the scientist! The session will air live from Denmark.

Facebook Live: Live from Svalbard!
Monday, February 27, 1 pm CT — Add to calendar

What is it like to study polar bear moms and cubs in one of the challenging environments on Earth? From avalanche training to cold-weather gear, our field team in Svalbard, Norway prepares for every contingency. Join them to chat about their work on our Maternal Den Study and life in the field.

In addition to these live events, visit our International Polar Bear Day page for more ways to get involved. Find a toolkit to help spread the word, donate to support our efforts to help polar bear families, take our Survive to 5 Challenge, and explore key facts about moms and cubs.

And don't forget to spend some time outside to celebrate polar bears! Visit your local Arctic Ambassador Center and find out what they’re offering in your community that day.