A mom and her polar bear cub on forming sea ice

Photo: BJ Kirschhoffer / Polar Bears International

Our Latest Annual Report

By Krista Wright, Executive Director



16 Jun 2023

Our latest Annual Report is now online, and we’re excited to share highlights of the impact we’re having together on behalf of the world’s polar bears. We invite you to browse through the report's photos, videos, and highlights—all made possible by this caring and committed community.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, Polar Bears International’s conservation efforts include projects as diverse as a den-detection study to shield moms and cubs from disturbances to research on a new, minimally invasive way to track polar bears.

Our amazing supporters also enable our staff to work on the front lines to help polar bears and people live safely with one another, a growing problem as more polar bears are driven ashore by melting sea ice.

They’re also the reason our educational outreach spans the globe, with programs like our Tundra Connections® webcasts airing from the U.S to Denmark and India and many places in between. And, they help us work with others to move the dial on climate action, supporting programs from our Climate Alliance training sessions to our policy and advocacy department.

Together, we can sustain a future for polar bears and improve conditions for people, too. And for that, we couldn’t be more grateful!