A mother polar bear with twin cubs

Photo: Dick and Val Beck / Polar Bears International

A new study provides insights into whether the extremes of the polar night and the midnight sun affect polar bear behavior.

International Polar Bear Day Schedule



18 Feb 2022

International Polar Bear Day, February 27th, is coming soon! We created the day to coincide with the time when polar bear moms and cubs are snug in their snow dens. As part of our celebration, we focus on the need to protect denning families across the Arctic.

We’ve planned an array of live events and special outreach, starting a few days beforehand and ending on the day itself. Bring your curiosity and tune in to learn about moms and cubs, the threats they face, and how you can help ensure their future.

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Q&A on Polar Bear Moms and Cubs
Thursday, February 24th, 8 am CT/3 pm CET—
On Facebook Live
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Join our own Dr. Thea Bechshoft to learn about polar bear moms, cubs, and the denning period. Ask questions and see if you can stump the scientist! The session will air live from Denmark and is timed for our followers in Europe.

Polar Bears International Video Premiere: Protecting Polar Bear Moms and Cubs
Friday, February 25th, at 3 pm CT —
On Facebook Live
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Staff scientist Alysa McCall will join us live from Yukon, Canada to talk about our research on moms and cubs and why protecting dens is so important. She’ll share fun facts and unveil a new video that takes you into the field with our team.

The Weather Network Video Premiere: Bear Witness
Sunday, February 27th, Goes Live at 8 a.m.  –
On The Weather Network
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To celebrate International Polar Bear Day, the Weather Network will roll out a video filmed in Churchill, Canada, during the polar bear migration. It highlights our conservation efforts and includes interviews with our own Geoff York.

Facebook Video Premiere: Protecting Polar Bear Moms and Cubs
Sunday, February 27th, 12 pm CT -
On Facebook 
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If you missed the first showing of our new moms and cubs video, we’re airing it again today. Caught it the first time? Add to your Arctic inspiration by watching it again.

Behind the Scenes: Filmmaker Q&A
Sunday, February 27th, 4 pm CT -
On Instagram Live
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Join Neil Osborne of The Weather Network, Ray Friesen of Handcraft Video, and our own Emily Ringer as they talk about the experience of filming Bear Witness. Ray will be leaving for Svalbard to film our den study just four days after the event. Come with questions and prepare to be inspired!

In addition to these live events, visit our International Polar Bear Day page for more ways to get involved. Find a toolkit to help spread the word, donate to help us develop new technology to find and protect dens, take our Protect Moms and Cubs Challenge, and explore our favorite facts about moms and cubs.

And don't forget to spend some time outside to celebrate polar bears! Visit your local Arctic Ambassador Center and find out what they’re offering for the community that day.