Activity 1D – Apply

Reflections in Discord

Overview: Please use this time to reflect on the guiding questions listed in previous sections of Activity One: Polar Bear Natural History.

Follow the link to the Discord community and post your comments from the following questions:

  • Which of the behaviors listed in Activity 1A have you witnessed from the bears in at your institution?  

  • Are there ever any opportunities with your membership to relate individual behaviors of the bears at your institution to species specific behavior in the wild?  

    • On that note, show of hands...Does anyone work directly with marketing or social media staff when the institution talks about the animals in your care with the public? For example, do you work together on FB live events, keeper blogs, videos, media interviews. etc.

  • How is climate change impacting polar bear denning and reproduction?

  • Please share your thoughts on at least one of the areas below regarding the PBI Polar Bear Tracker:

    • Have you identified the Arctic Ambassador bear?

    • What do you notice about the bear movements? In relation to time of year? In relation to ice coverage? 

    • What are some ways you have/can use this tool in your organization?