Photo: James Brittain

Polar Bears International House in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar Bears International House

Located in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, the famous polar bear gathering place

Polar Bears International House in Churchill, Manitoba

Photo: James Brittain

A home in the polar bear capital of the world

Every year, polar bears gather near Churchill, Manitoba to wait for the sea ice to return. And every year, scientists, photographers, tourists, and members of the media gather there, too—to learn first-hand about the challenges the bears face in a warming climate.

As polar bear central, Churchill has long served as a launch pad for our conservation and outreach efforts—and now we have a public center where people can come in and learn about polar bears and polar bear research.

About Polar Bears International House

Polar Bears International House is attractive, energy-efficient, and multi-purpose in design and scope. The building was designed by Blouin-Orzes, a Montreal-based architecture firm with experience working in the Canadian north. It:

  • Provides space to educate Churchill visitors about polar bears, climate change, and the urgent need to take action

  • Features cutting-edge interpretation on polar bears, sea ice, and current polar bear research

  • Hosts visiting scientists, educators, and special guests whose outreach work and support are critical to polar bear conservation

  • Serves as a gathering place for members of the Churchill community and provides local employment and internship opportunities

  • Includes a workspace, bunkhouse, kitchen, and place to store equipment

  • Inspires people to care about the Arctic and its wildlife by featuring live cams that highlight polar bears, beluga whales, and northern lights

  • Has become a meaningful community asset

Photo: James Brittain

Inside the Polar Bears International House

Visit Us!

241 Kelsey Boulevard, Churchill, Manitoba

Northern Lights Season Hours
February 1 – March 15
Tuesday — Saturday, 1–5 pm CT

Beluga Season Hours
July 1 – August 31
Tuesday – Saturday, 1–5 pm CT

Bear Season Hours
October 2 – November 18 
10 am – 6 pm CT Daily

Group Bookings
Groups of 10 or more please book in advance by emailing Tours by appointment outside regular hours also available.

Funding from the Tourism Innovation and Recovery Fund was used to update interpretative centre programming at the Polar Bears International House.