Polar Bear Ecotourism

Seeing is believing. And once people see it, they want to save it.

Conscientious, respectful ecotourism can help local communities earn vital income and encourage residents and visitors alike to recognize the long-term advantages of conserving polar bears and their habitat.

After all, it's a habitat we share.

Well-managed tourism enlightens and inspires visitors to see the necessity of safeguarding the future of polar bears and their Arctic wilderness—it connects people to nature.

With charismatic animals like the polar bear, having the opportunity to literally look one in the eye can transform perspectives and encourage people to become more engaged in conservation.

Adaptive management will help ensure that recreational activities don't have a negative impact on polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

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Now that you’ve learned about polar bears, see them in action.

Use our Bear Tracker to follow various polar bears across the Arctic.

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Bear Tracker

Watch polar bears as they travel across the sea ice to hunt seals.

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Polar Bear FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked polar bear questions.

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Climate Change

A threat to polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

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