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A lone polar bear strides across the snowy tundra

Polar Bear Season: Week Four

As we wrapped up this year’s Polar Bear Week, temperatures plunged near Churchill and wind and snow swept the tundra.

Close up of polar bear face

Our 10 Favorite Facts About Polar Bears

As we celebrate polar bears during Polar Bear Week, we wanted to share 10 of our favorite facts about these remarkable animals.

Two male polar bears spar on the tundra

It's Polar Bear Week!

Polar Bear Week is here and we've planned our busiest schedule of events yet. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this awareness event!

A mother polar bear with two cubs

Western Hudson Bay Polar Bears

The most recent data on the Western Hudson Bay population shows a 30 percent decline since 1987, with lower survival rates of the youngest and oldest bears.

Bands of turquoise and green northern lights ripple in the night sky.

Canada Leads with Carbon Plan

Join us in a big hurrah to Canada for its carbon pricing plan, which experts agree is the swiftest and most equitable way to curb emissions.

A polar bear rests on the snowy tundra, conserving energy

Week Two in Churchill

From our live Polar Bear Cams to our Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats, we've planned another exciting week of outreach from the snowy tundra.

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