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A thin polar bear mother and cub in Svalbard.

Barents Sea Polar Bears

We saw no sea ice, even where it should have been blocking our route in fjords. The lack of ice is forcing Barents Sea polar bears into tough decisions.

Belugas swimming

Beluga Cam Returns

Every summer, thousands of beluga whales gather in estuaries in western Hudson Bay, providing unique opportunities to watch and study them.

2018 World Ranger Day Award

Our 2018 World Ranger Day Award recognizes the dedication of Erling Madsen, who works to keep polar bears and people safe in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland.

Polar Bear Basics

Polar bears evolved from a brown bear ancestor and adapted to their sea ice environment--but the differences between the two species are profound.

Wapusk Park Camp Taps Next Generation

“I feel connected to the land from the stories the elders tell us. We’re the next generation of people who are going to share and protect this land.” – Camp par

Countdown to Arctic Sea Ice Day

Sea ice. It’s an essential habitat for polar bears and many other Arctic animals—a frozen platform that allows an entire ecosystem to function.

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