Our friends in Austria, Germany, Romania, and Slovenia now have a way to enjoy tasty, nutritious frozen treats and help polar bears year-round. Polar Bears International is pleased to welcome our newest sponsor, Frozen Power. Based in Austria, this young business believes that you don’t have to sacrifice the bottom line for the sake of a sustainable planet.   

Managing Director Constantin Haas has always had a big heart for animals and has supported a number of conservation efforts in Africa and beyond. His passion led him to connect with Polar Bears International to support our project work for polar bears.  

“Frozen Power is another fine example of businesses that are investing in clean and sustainable practices that support the long-term future of species like polar bears,” said Krista Wright, executive director of Polar Bears International. “We depend on dedicated sponsors like Frozen Power to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting sea ice and the impacts on us all if we don't. What better way to be reminded about ice than enjoying frozen treats, sustainably made?”

Frozen Power’s mission is to become a fully environmentally friendly and sustainable company that generates its own source of energy, ultimately creating a regenerative and circular system. They are committed to shifting to eco-friendly packaging and have plans to launch an entire line of dairy-free options. And they have announced that they are removing palm oil from all their products to protect forests and habitat for species like orangutans. 

Additionally, Frozen Power is supporting the establishment of a Europe-wide education platform that will cover sustainability, tips on living a sustainable life, as well as articles discussing the importance of conserving wildlife and nature. 

We are excited to welcome Frozen Power to our polar bear community, and we look forward to working with them to protect sea ice and polar bears across the Arctic.

Janet Stringer is Polar Bears International’s Senior Manager of Philanthropy.