Thanks for taking an interest in polar bears and doing your part to help us ensure they have a future.

With your help, we can make sure that polar bears are here long after you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Can you imagine it any other way?

Action Projects

Be the change you wish to see.

Your actions and efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve energy will have a significant impact on the global scale over the course of your life—especially if you take what you know and share it with your friends, family and schoolmates.

Read through the tips and pledge to make a change to your daily habits. You can even bring these to school and make it a classroom activity.

Actions with the Most Impact

Community Action Toolkits

Check out our toolkits for ideas on how to make a difference close to home. Here are four challenges for review:

Thermostat Community Action Toolkit

Adjusting thermostats in your home are an easy way to conserve energy over the course of a year. Even two or three degrees can make a difference.

Power Down Community Action Toolkit

Did you know that keeping electronics plugged in, when they aren’t being used, consumes energy?

No Idling Community Action Toolkit

Transportation accounts for a huge percentage of global emissions. We can make a difference when we choose to not idle by avoiding a drive-through or turning the car off while waiting for someone or something.

Pedal for Polar Bears Community Action Toolkit

Biking is fun, healthy and one of the best ways to reduce personal carbon emissions. How many more times can you ride your bike instead of drive?

glaciers floating ont he ocean
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Raise money for polar bears.

Many classrooms help support our efforts by raising money to adopt a polar bear or make a donation. Here are some suggestions that combine fundraising with conservation actions:

  • Pennies for Polar Bears: Collecting coins is a fun and easy way for a class or school to raise money. Better still, putting coins back into circulation reduces the environmental impact of minting new coins.
  • Walk‐a‐thons: Give walk-a-thons a new twist by collecting pledges for each minute spent walking to do errands. It’s good exercise and helps promote alternatives to driving.
  • Drink Pouch/Chip Bag Recycling: Did you know that you can clean up the environment and raise money to help polar bears at the same time? Form a brigade at the Terracycle website and start turning trash into cash.
  • Locally Grown Garden Sale: Sell your fresh-from-the-garden goodies at the local farmer’s market or at school.
  • Labor of Love: An auction of your labor to help others—for example, weeding gardens in the summer or raking leaves in the fall.
glaciers floating ont he ocean
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