Small and Medium Businesses

Inspire change.

As opinion leaders in your community, you have the ability to bring awareness to climate change and its threat to polar bears and their ecosystem.

We’ve worked with many small and medium businesses around the world that pledge to be our Arctic Allies and have made an abiding commitment to integrate sustainable business practices into their core values.

Learn how you can use your platform to effect meaningful change in your communities:

Save Our Sea Ice Campaign

Integrate PBI’s action recommendations into your business practices. Whether it’s by taking part in the Thermostat Challenge, or celebrating International Polar Bear Day with your customers in a distinct and meaningful way.

Donate some of your profits

Every little bit helps. Pledge to contribute a small percentage of your sales to PBIs research and initiatives, or get creative with PBI-specific products. Not only does this help us build a future for polar bears, but it also brings awareness to our cause and the growing threats to the Arctic.

glaciers floating ont he ocean
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