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It takes a village to save a polar bear.

As global leaders in polar bear and sea ice conservation, we rely on a strong team of partners and collaborations with scientific and technological communities around the world.

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Our creative and scientific alliances ensure our research is cutting edge. These alliances are vital to our mandate and mission to secure a future for polar bears in the Arctic.

Polar Bears International (PBI) thrives on collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals. If you or your organization is interested in partnering with us to reach our end goal, but don’t know where to start, please email

Here are a few ways the scientific, zoological, technological, and educational communities can help us make meaningful change:

Team up with us on research

PBI collaborates on scientific projects and conservation efforts with various research centers, universities, partners, and government agencies.

Help your organization become an Arctic Ambassador Center

Arctic Ambassador Centers are a collection of zoos, museums, science centers and aquariums that educate the public about climate change and how we can help, and provide leadership for carbon emission reductions in their communities. They are on the front lines in helping to reduce CO2 and bring about positive change.

Join our Climate Alliance Program

PBI hosts the Climate Alliance Program every year to bring together key staff members at leading organizations that are working tirelessly to reduce CO2. Through the Alliance, we train and empower individuals to further effect community change.

Become a Contributor

Over the years, many scientists, educators, naturalists, and photographers have contributed their time and effort to conserving polar bears. Help us advance the mandate of PBI.

Volunteer as a Field Ambassador

For two weeks each year, volunteers from zoos and museums travel to Churchill, Manitoba, to help us educate visitors aboard a Tundra Buggy, and gain meaningful leadership skills that heighten their skills in carbon-reduction efforts.

Become a Partner

We partner with like-minded organizations and foundations to build momentum and expand our reach. We share a common vision of polar bears in the Arctic, and greatly value their help and support to ensure a sustainable future.

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