Save our Sea Ice Campaign – SOS!

Take action and help keep polar bears in the Arctic, always.

Our campaign celebrates action on climate change and focuses attention on the challenges polar bears face.

To save the polar bear's habitat, we need to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Promising shifts are underway in sectors including transportation, energy usage, and food production—all of which have an impact.

Become part of the momentum for change by speaking up in support of policies and processes that will help us transition to a sustainable society. It’s also important to modify your own habits and take action in your community in support of sustainable choices—from bike lanes to farmer’s markets—that make a low-carbon lifestyle more accessible.

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Commit to change today.

Individual actions can make a great impact on the status quo.

PBI scientists have put together a list of which individual actions have the most impact. Take a look through these tips, find out what you're already doing, and then commit to adding two or three more actions.

Take a Look

We challenge you. You challenge your community.

Energy saving and community action projects make a difference, too.

Our challenges begin each year on International Polar Bear Day,
on February 27, and continue throughout the year.
Follow our schedule and make some concrete, actionable changes!

Community Action Toolkits

Challenge yourself and your community.

The only way to ensure a future for polar bears is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve developed four downloadable toolkits that offer fun, educational challenges for your family, community, network and friends.

Included in each toolkit are:

  • Engaging contextual statistics and facts.
  • Detailed instructions on how to manage the challenges.
  • Sample emails you can use to engage local businesses.
  • Media release outlines and sample letters to pitch local journalists and broadcasters.
  • Images and text ready to share on different social media platforms.

Join our community

Share your photos, updates and efforts with us, using #SaveOurSeaIce on social media.

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