Polar Bear Week

It’s early November. It’s cold. It’s snowy. And polar bears are waiting for the sea ice to form. It’s Polar Bear Week!

Polar Bear Week coincides with the fall polar bear migration to Churchill, Manitoba, where polar bears gather to wait for freeze-up on Hudson Bay so they can return to hunting seals. During Polar Bear Week, we focus on the importance of sea ice to polar bears—and why we must take action on climate change to ensure their survival.

The 2019 event is November 3-9.

Future generations of polar bears and people depend on the decisions we make today. Let's leverage our power as citizens to save the polar bear's sea ice home.

Sunday, November 3: Start the week by tuning in to the live Polar Bear Cam—watch the polar bear migration and get tundrified. Then immerse yourself in the polar bear’s world through a special Augmented Reality experience. Created for Polar Bear Week 2019, it’s aligned with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Also check out this week's Tundra Connections broadcasts. Learn about polar bears and ask questions!

Monday, November 4: Vote and speak up! Vote with the climate in mind, in each and every election, at every level of government. Also let your representatives know you support bold climate action. We've created postcards that you can download and print out to contact civic leaders.

Tuesday, November 5: Support an energy shift. Get involved in community projects that reduce or replace fossil fuels with clean energy sources like wind and solar. Also research renewable energy options available to you.

Wednesday, November 6: Open up and TALK about climate change with others. Share your concerns AND solutions: For example, energy from wind and solar power will not only reduce emissions but improve air quality. And wind and solar power create more jobs than oil, gas, and coal.

Thursday, November 7: Promote clean transportation. Support community projects aimed at reducing the number of vehicles, such as bike lanes and mass-transit programs.

Friday, November 8: Encourage energy-efficient construction standards, including better heating and cooling systems, insulation, and lighting.

Saturday, November 9: Help polar bears by supporting our work on an ongoing basis.Together, we can make a difference for polar bears and improve conditions for people too.

The Polar Bear Connection
Using less energy produced by fossil fuels reduces carbon emissions and can slow and even stop global warming, saving the sea ice that polar bears need for efficient hunting. Without sea ice, polar bears will decline in range and numbers, making them vulnerable to extinction in the future.

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glaciers floating ont he ocean © Daniel J. Cox/NaturalExposures.com