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A polar bear mom and her two cubs

Polar Bear Week Toolkit

Polar Bear Week is the first week of November!

The theme this year is polar bear-human coexistence.

This year the dates are October 29-November 4. You can help by joining our efforts to raise awareness about sea ice loss and the impacts on polar bears, using the tools and resources below.

Polar Bear Week in a Nutshell

Every fall, polar bears gather on the shores of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Canada, to wait for the sea ice to return so they can hunt their seal prey. But the summer ice-free period is three to four weeks longer than it was in the 1980s, straining the limits of the bears’ fat reserves.

Polar Bears International founded Polar Bear Week to coincide with the time when the bears have congregated near Churchill, waiting to return to their seal-hunting grounds. During Polar Bear Week, we celebrate the bears and draw attention to the need to take action on climate change … and you can help!

Create Your Own Content

During Polar Bear Week, you can help by sharing your love of polar bears and the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic. In addition, you can share information on our coexistence efforts—helping polar bears and people live safely with each other.

Write up your own post or use some of the sample language below!

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Sample Posts

Kindly tag Polar Bears International so we can see your efforts to protect polar bears and people!

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Photo: Meril Darees and Manon Moulis / Polar Bears International

Start a Fundraiser

This year, we’re encouraging people to support our coexistence work and other conservation efforts across the Arctic.

Take our Protect Polar Bears and People Challenge by starting a personal fundraiser and challenging your followers to do the same! We’ve set a goal of $100,000—and your participation can make a real difference.

Sign up – U.S. and International Supporters
Sign-up – Canadian Supporters

Climate Action Talking Points

Want to share how important climate action is to you? Use these talking points to share your concern with those you love and your civic leaders. Also this year, the COP28 Climate Summit is November 30-December 12—roughly a month after Polar Bear Week.

  • Call for bold action from #COP28. Ask world leaders to protect people and nature by urgently scaling up climate solutions. This Toolkit, made for educators, is a helpful tool to prepare yourself and your followers to follow COP28 or learn more about international climate negotiations.  

  • Support an #EnergyShift.We are so much more than our individual actions. Think about where your strengths and skills can be applied to influencing decisions on where our energy comes from. Research renewable energy options available to you, contact your local and national civic leaders, find a community of others who share your concern for climate change, and invite your friends and family to do the same. 

  • TALK about climate change and solutions. Share these with your viewership and your friends and family. Encourage your audience to have conversations with their network as well.


#SaveOurSeaIce #ClimateActionNow #EnergyShift #TalkAboutIt #COP28

Sample Posts

Feel free to share these sample posts on social media with your own visuals or with one of our included graphics to spread the word. Kindly tag @PolarBearsInternational and/or share a link to our website. We deeply appreciate your support!

Other Ways to Get Involved

Polar bear mom twin cubs snuggle

Photo: Tim Auer / Polar Bears International

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