Our Partners

PBI partners with like-minded organizations and foundations to build momentum and expand our reach.

We share a common vision of helping polar bears in the Arctic, always, and greatly value their support to ensure a sustainable future.

Let’s Partner Up

If you want to be involved, please get in touch.

Grants is a philanthropic media organization and division of the Annenberg Foundation.

This multimedia organization creates a portal into the soul of humanity to champion the selfless acts of others and inspire lifelong learning. partners with us on the live Polar Bear Cam during the fall polar-bear migration and generously underwrites our Tundra Connections® program and other outreach initiatives. Visit to see the Polar Bear Cam and other nature cams.

Conservation Partnerships

Center for Biological Diversity

The Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.

This includes a campaign to gather 500,000 signatures to cap greenhouse gas emissions at 350 parts per million.

Cheetah Conservation Fund

PBI has partnered with Cheetah Conservation Fund to lead a new dialogue on climate change with a goal of uniting humanity towards common action.

PBI and CCF work in opposite polar-bear  regions—the Arctic and the African savannah—both threatened by climate change. Our partnership with them will focus on the threats that all species face from climate change as habitat and biodiversity loss lead to larger systemic problems.

Climate Counts

Climate Counts is a non-profit campaign that scores companies annually on the basis of their voluntary action to reverse climate change.

The Climate Counts Company Scorecard, launched in June 2007, helps people vote with their dollars by making climate-conscious purchasing and investing choices that put pressure on the world's most well-known companies to take the issue of climate change seriously.

Parks Canada

On behalf of the people of Canada, Parks Canada protects and presents nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage.

Parks Canada and Polar Bears International are committed to working together to research and monitor polar bears and their habitat within Wapusk National Park, deliver public outreach education to Canadians and the world in order to raise awareness and understanding about Wapusk National Park and associated polar-bear habitat, and collaborate on issues relating to polar-bear tourism.

Wildlife Conservation Network

WCN provides independent wildlife conservationists with the tools and funding that they need to succeed.

They bring together conservationists with passionate wildlife supporters. Their events, regular updates from the field, and opportunities for field visits get donors close to the conservation they care about.These connections have helped raise more than $50 million for wildlife conservation.

Educational Partnerships

The Digital Human Library (dHL)

The Digital Human Library (dHL) is a free educational resource that connects Canadian teachers and students with hundreds of organizations and experts around the world who are delivering interactive, curriculum-based programs using video conferencing technology.

With thousands of programs to choose from, the dHL brings the field-trip experience into the classroom.

Discovery Education Community

A global community of education professionals that are passionate about transforming the learning experience with digital media, the Discovery Education Community connects members across town and around the world through social media, virtual conferences and in-person events.


TakingITGlobal is one of the world's leading networks for young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges.

This organization hosts an online community to empower youth to understand and act on the world's greatest challenges, including climate change.

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