International Polar Bear Day

PBI's International Polar Bear Day is February 27th!

We founded the day to coincide with the time period when polar bear moms and cubs are snug in their dens. As part of our celebration, we focus on the need to protect denning families across the Arctic.

This year, we're raising funds to develop a new tool to find and map den locations to make sure moms and cubs aren’t disturbed. This is critically important as more industry moves into the Arctic, threatening denning habitat and putting vulnerable moms and cubs in harm’s way.

Help protect moms and cubs.

Right now, polar bear moms and their newborn cubs are snuggled together in snow dens across the Arctic. 

Denning is the most vulnerable time in a polar bear’s life. And in a warming Arctic, where polar bears face enormous challenges, the survival of every single cub is critically important.

Polar bear cubs are born in winter in dens hidden under the snow. At birth, they are blind, weigh about one pound, and have only a light layer of fur to protect them from the cold. Families remain in the den until spring when the cubs are finally large enough to survive the rigors of outside Arctic conditions.

Keeping moms and cubs safe while also addressing climate warming is a critical part of our work on behalf of polar bears—and your support can make a real difference.

Get involved on Polar Bear Day

Donate and make a difference. Your gift will help protect moms and cubs during the denning period by funding our Synthetic Aperture Radar, or SAR, projecta promising new tool for finding, and hence protecting, dens hidden under the snow. 

Tune in to our live events. Watch for our schedule of live programs during the week leading up to Polar Bear Day, and on the day itself.

Learn about moms and cubs. Discover some of our favorite facts about polar bear families.

Did You Know?

Polar Bears International is a leader in polar bear den research, with a long history of projects and partners. The knowledge gained can make a real difference for polar bear families—providing a scientific framework to inform policy and help ensure critical protections. 

Our partners in den-study projects include Brigham Young University, San Diego Zoo Global, and the Norwegian Polar Institute.

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