Field Ambassadors

Field Ambassadors

It's an inspiration to meet someone with in-depth knowledge and driving passion—for polar bears and the threatened Arctic ecosystem they call home.

Polar Bears International’s Field Ambassador program brings zoo professionals or other experts with relevant experience to Churchill during polar bear season to act as our representatives at our new interpretive center, Polar Bears International House, and on Frontiers North Adventure’s Tundra Buggies.

Field Ambassadors spend approximately 10 days each year in Churchill between October and November for at least two years, working as interpretive guides. They talk about polar bear biology and ecology, research projects, climate change, and the importance of taking action, while also assisting the drivers and guests with various other tasks.

They tell stories. They answer questions. And, once they're back home, they continue to spread the word about sea-ice loss and its effect on polar bears everywhere they can.

With special thanks to JoAnne Simerson, one of our Advisory Council members, for creating and leading this program.

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