Field Ambassadors

Field Ambassadors

It's an inspiration to meet someone with in-depth knowledge and driving passion—whether on the tundra
 or in a zoo.

Polar bears like to play. They slide on their bellies across the ice. They toss around strands of kelp. They wrestle with each other in the snow.

If you visit Churchill, you'll learn fun facts like these from our Field Ambassadors, along with information on climate change and on how each of us can help.

These intrepid women are all professionals who work directly with polar bears in some capacity. They share their knowledge with tourists aboard Tundra Buggies® as part of a program designed to nurture leadership in women.

They tell stories. They answer questions. And, once they're back home, they continue to spread the word about sea-ice loss and its effect on polar bears everywhere they can.

Field ambassador volunteers

With special thanks to JoAnne Simerson, one of our Advisory Council members, for creating and leading this program.

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