Arctic Allies Program

Arctic Allies Program

PBI Arctic Allies program is for conservation-minded small businesses that want to make a meaningful contribution in support of our efforts to save polar bears and their habitat.

PBI Arctic Allies Program is a showcase for companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship; challenge employees, suppliers, and customers to reduce their carbon footprints; and make conscious decisions and actions that reflect their environmental values.

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Our Arctic Allies 

Cassiar Jade

Cassiar Jade Collection has specialized in the highest quality of nephrite jade since 1967 as a direct manufacturer and importer of jade jewelry and carvings. They donate a portion of the revenues from their stone bear carvings to PBI in support of our research and education efforts. They also created a website——as a way to communicate their intentions and goals. To minimize the impact of their business on the climate, Cassiar Jade Collection has partnered with and purchases carbon offsets annually to bring the business to carbon neutral.


Rather than using tree-produced paper products, CloverSoft produces hygiene papers from 100% virgin, unbleached bamboo pulp. As a recipient of INBAR (International network of bamboo and rattan) certification for creating a sustainable natural environment, CloverSoft's goal is to educate the general public in making conscious and responsible choices.


Nautisk is a leading provider of digital navigation, charts, and publications to commercial shipping. They take a very Norwegian approach to doing the right thing, simply. Their transition from paper to innovative digital products makes shipping companies more efficient, and also helps a typical customer save more than 2000kg of CO2 and 15 trees every year. That's saving our environment, as well as the polar bears.

Polar Bear Air Conditioning and Heating

Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is a family-owned company serving Washington, D.C. As a D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility contractor, PBAC promotes high-efficiency heating and cooling systems to reduce energy use. PBAC is also proud to partner with Polar Bears International to encourage local residents to use less energy by using programmable thermostats and taking PBI's Thermostat Challenge and Energy Challenge. PBAC agrees polar bears are perfect mascots for energy conservation!


Sleepbear is a British family-owned-and-operated luxury pure latex and memory foam mattress company that makes one mattress and pillow designed for all. Sleepbear is working to promote a healthy lifestyle orientated around sleep and the best ways to achieve a satisfying night's rest. The company understands the importance of a good night's sleep and is so confident about the quality and superior finish of their products that they offer a 100 Night “sleep on it” trial as well as a 10-year guarantee. Sleepbear's aim is to highlight the work of PBI and encourage the general public to make conscious and responsible choices while conserving and utilize resources in a suitable manner, with particular regard to resources that are scarce and non-renewable.

Tamarack Rentals

During the fall polar bear season, Tamarack Rentals provides a discount on transportation rentals that allow all of our programs to run smoothly in Churchill.

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