There's still time to save polar bears
and Arctic sea ice.

Change can’t happen overnight, and it won't happen without support from around the world.

So please join us in our efforts to make a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, by spreading awareness about the real and pressing threat of climate change.

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Where do you fit in?

Everybody can help. We’ve broken down the best ways for you to take action based on your job, passion, or network.

Stack of book with apple on top


Engage your students and coworkers to make change.

Pencil and Notebook


Make a difference by becoming a leader in your school.

A visual of a community

Community Member

Leverage your buying power, your voice and your networks.

A telescope

Scientist, Researcher, Zoo or Aquarium

Partner with us on conservation.

A local shop

Small or Medium Business Owner

Be a platform for change within your community.

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Support our programs, research, and organization.

How can you start effecting real change today?

Save our Sea Ice Campaign

Join our community of polar-bear ambassadors. Here you can research what kinds of actions you can take in your everyday life to effect the most significant change, invite friends and family to make concrete commitments, and interact with like-minded enthusiasts who have already made the pledge.

Take a Look

Sign our Petition for Polar Bears

If you live in the U.S., join us in urging the U.S. president to set a fair price on carbon. If you live elsewhere, support carbon-pricing initiatives in your country.

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We thank our passionate, loyal friends from around the world.

We love our friends. We depend on our friends. They tackle the problem of global warming with roll-up-your-sleeve, can-do attitudes. They include volunteers, partners, researchers, community members, educators, corporations, and zoos and aquariums taking part in, supporting, and being vocal advocates of our many ongoing projects.

Learn more about each initiative and program below, and see how you can get involved as well.

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