Polar bear faces

Vote For Polar Bears

Two polar bears

A vote for polar bears is a vote for our future.

Every time we step into the ballot box, we have an opportunity to put a healthy and just planet first. By casting our votes for leaders who will prioritize action on the climate crisis, we'll ensure a better future for polar bears and all of us. #VoteForPolarBears

Our leaders can help reimagine the systems we live in.

Reducing the carbon emissions that are warming our planet is important to polar bears, of course, because it will save the sea ice that they require for hunting their seal prey. And it will also improve conditions for all of us–including future generations of polar bears and people that depend on the decisions we make today.

Every single vote, in local elections on up, is critically important.

Each vote you cast is an opportunity to carefully consider what we bring forward—building a future that’s good for polar bears and people too.

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