Polar Bear Tracker Unit Plan


Polar Bear Tracker Lesson Plan. Explore the world of polar bear scientists. Understand how they use radio collars to track and study polar bears in real time. Create scientific questions to investigate just like real researchers do, and learn how you can take action to help the bears.


Videos about Polar Bear Populations

  • Four Sea Ice Eco-regions. Dr. Steven C. Amstrup explains his use of four sea-ice eco-regions to help estimate how each of the 19 polar bear populations are faring.
  • Up Close With Polar Bears. Head onto the Alaskan sea ice with Dr. Steven C. Amstrup as he talks about his 25-year career studying polar bears and shares his impressions of how the Arctic has changed.

Take Action!

  • Taking Action! Lesson Plan. Students gain an understanding of the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment—and with that knowledge implement an action plan of conservation behaviors.
  • Join our Save Our Sea Ice campaign for help in creating new energy-saving habits at home, school, and in the community. 

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