Feel the Arctic Air

Polar Bears International and VICKS partner to protect polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

A Leader in Sustainability

From the beginning, the family-owned confectionary, Katjes (kaht yes), exclusive licensee of VICKS in Europe (WICK in Germany), has been guided by sustainability. As part of their ongoing commitment to a healthy environment, they regularly review their energy and water consumption, have carbon-neutral production facilities, use nearly 100% green electricity, exclude palm oil from their ingredients, and support global climate protection projects and nonprofits—such as Polar Bears International.

As the only nonprofit with a sole focus on polar bears and their sea ice home, Polar Bears International sees climate action as the only hope to ensure the long-term survival of polar bears and people.

Polar Bears & the Changing Arctic

Big, brilliant, and built for cold, polar bears are the very symbol of a wild Arctic. Yet despite their size and strength, they need our help to survive the coming decades. 

100% Carbon Neutral

In 2020, Katjes’s three Germany locations went 100% carbon neutral, becoming one of the first companies in the industry to do so.

VICKS / WICK Polar Bears International Product

Look for VICKS products across Europe with the Polar Bears International logo, and join us in supporting polar bear conservation across the Arctic—for polar bears and ourselves.

Inspired to Act?

You may wonder, “What else can I do?” Polar Bears International’s team of scientists and experts are here to assure you that it’s not too late and there is good news. By partnering with innovative companies like Katjes, we can work together to protect polar bears and their sea ice home.

Youth Can Make a Difference!

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Photo: Kt Miller / Polar Bears International

Polar Bear Footprints in the Snow

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