Photo: BJ Kirschhoffer

Bear on sea ice


For polar bears, home is on the Arctic sea ice, where they hunt seals from a platform of ice.

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Join Discovery Education and travel to the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba to learn about the polar bears’ environment and the people who share it. On this live virtual field trip we will discover what enables this unique species to survive in the Arctic, explore different ways you can work with polar bears, and identify how you can protect polar bears and the planet.

Age: Kindergarten and up

Map of polar bear subpopulation short-term trends as updated in 2023 by the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group.

Arctic Basin (AB) Data deficient
Baffin Bay (BB) Data deficient
Barents Sea (BS) Likely stable (2004 to 2015)
Chukchi Sea (CS) Likely stable (2008 to 2016)
Davis Strait (DS) Likely decreased (2007 - 2018)
East Greenland (EG) Data deficient
Foxe Basin (FB) Likely stable (1994 to 2010)
Gulf of Boothia (GB) Likely stable (2000 to 2017)
Kane Basin (KB) Likely increased (1997 to 2014)
Kara Sea (KS) Data deficient
Lancaster Sound (LS) Data deficient
Laptev Sea (LV) Data deficient
M'Clintock Channel (MC) Likely increased (2000 to 2016)
Northern Beaufort Sea (NB) Data deficient
Norwegian Bay (NW) Data deficient
Southern Beaufort Sea (SB) Likely decreased (2001 to 2015)
Southern Hudson Bay (SH) Likely stable (2012 to 2021)
Viscount Melville Sound (VM) Data deficient
Western Hudson Bay (WH) Very likely decreased (2011 to 2021)