Moki Kokoris

Moki Kokoris

Moki Kokoris self-described:

BY PROFESSION: Arctic Editor for The Polar Times – journal of the American Polar Society; contributing writer for The Arctic Institute | Center for circumpolar Security Studies; contributing editor for The Explorers Journal; contributing author to Indigenous Policy – journal of the Indigenous Studies Network, and to World Ecology Report – Promoting Health and Environmental Literacy.

BY PASSION: Outreach educator and founder of “90-north,” an in-classroom environmental education program that introduces students to topics relating to the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, covering all disciplines from anthropology to zoology.

BY OBSESSION: United Nations main representative for The Explorers Club in consultative status with the Department of Public Information; Senior editor of the UN Climate Caucus Framework for Action Report; Participant at annual Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues conferences. Primary focus of work addresses the impacts of climate and societal change on the indigenous peoples of the Far North.

BY ADDICTION: Environmental advocate and part-time explorer/adventurer with keen interests in the fauna, flora, and local native cultures of the Arctic. 14th woman, and first Ukrainian woman, to reach the geographic North Pole via Svalbard and Borneo Ice Base (2003). She has been spotted inside Saami tents above the Arctic Circle, has been seen dog-sledding near Longyearbyen, Svalbard and on the glaciers of Iceland, and she has successful avoided collisions with trees whilst racing through the forests of Jukkasjarvi in Arctic Sweden on a reindeer sled.

BY AFFLICTION: Confirmed chocoholic. Water is her friend only when it is either solid or fluffy. She firmly believes that everywhere is walking distance as long as you have the time.

BY AFFILIATION: Visiting Arctic Speaker for ARCUS; Head of The Explorers Club Polar Film Festival team; Director of the Wilderness Research Foundation; Chair of The Explorers Club United Nations Committee; Presenter at the Will Steger International Institute of Climate Change Education; and following the tradition of saving the best for last… Contributor to the Polar Bears International blog!