Bradley Hampson

Bradley Hampson

Bradley Hampson is the Assistant Superintendent of Technology & Library Services at Frontier School Division. His career, beginning in robotics and electronics, has evolved over the years to become highly specialized in information and communication technologies and the critical roles they play in business management.

Hampson is a graduate of Athabasca University, receiving a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2004. He has received several industry-recognized certifications and, believing in lifelong learning, continues his education to this day.

Bradley’s passion is creating and facilitating collaborative tools and environments; a focus which has led him to explore additional leadership roles in educational technologies including:

  • President, MAETL 
  • Board of Directors, Manitoba ASCD
  • Manitoba’s MERLIN Advisory Board

Hampson thrives on challenging the status quo. He believes technology has to play an important role in education by providing learning opportunities and access to resources that might not otherwise be possible. Driven by this belief, and with the help of an amazing group of professional technologists and library specialists, Bradley and his team constantly strive to create new ways to deliver world-class opportunities in student and professional learning.