Photo: Max Lowe

Kishi Bashi in Churchill, Manitoba

Winter's Eve

In partnership with Polar Bears International, Kishi Bashi composes his new single inspired by the plight our planet faces under the threat of climate change.

“‘Winter’s Eve’ is about embracing the perspective that all living things on this planet are infinitely intertwined within a delicate ecosystem, and that climate change will cause catastrophic failures that will ultimately leave this world uninhabitable for our future children.”

— Kishi Bashi

Polar Bears & the Changing Arctic

Interested in learning more about polar bears? From cub to parent, the polar bear lives an extraordinary life that’s uniquely adapted to the frigid Arctic sea ice.

Inspired to Act?

You may wonder, “What else can I do?” Polar Bears International’s team of scientists and experts are here to assure you that it’s not too late to work together to protect polar bears and their sea ice home.

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Polar bear tracks in snow

Photo: Robert Sarren

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