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Close up of male polar bear, with long guard hairs visible on front legs

Secrets in Polar Bear Hair

Our study looked for the presence of trace elements in polar bear hair to see what insights could be gained.

A lone polar bear strides across the snow

Safer Co-existence with Polar Bears

The Canadian town of Churchill, Manitoba, is working to establish the world’s first polar bear safe community.

A polar bear mom nestles with her cub.

Speak Up for Moms and Cubs

The White House decision to green light oil and gas lease sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge puts moms and cubs at great risk.

Marissa Krouse with a Vote for Polar Bears sign

The Power of Voting

The single most important thing that we can all do for polar bears is to VOTE with the climate in mind, in each and every election.

A polar bear mom grooms her cub

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Lease Sales Threaten Denning Polar Bears

The White House decision ignores decades of research on the vulnerability of denning polar bear families.

A polar bear mom snuggles with two cubs.

Look What You Made Possible!

Our new, eco-friendly Annual Report for 2019 is now available online—and we’re excited to share the ways your generosity helped.

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