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A lone polar bear on the snowless tundra

Polar Bear Season Is Here!

The 2019 polar bear season is coming into full focus, and it’s shaping up to be the most compelling yet. We can't wait to give you a front row seat.

A lone polar bear on sea ice

Tracking Problem Polar Bears

Do polar bears transported north of Churchill go on to cause problems in other communities? A new study is focused on answering that question.

Dmytro Cherkasov

Meditation and Yoga for Polar Bears

In recognition of her volunteer efforts, Aparna Chaganty received a $10,000 grant from her company, Salesforce, to give to a nonprofit of her choice.

Polar bear mom and cub on melting sea ice

Special U.N. Climate Report on Oceans and Ice Systems

New findings from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) point to a grim future if we fail to take action on the climate crisis.

A polar bear rests on shoreline rocks.

Getting Ready for Bear Season

For our team at Polar Bears International, fall has a buzz: a sense of urgency and excitement as we prepare for the gathering of polar bears.

A polar bear on a gravel beach on Wrangel Island.

Return to Russia

Hundreds of polar bears gather on Russia's Wrangel Island during the ice-free season. A joint research project is helping to answer questions about these bears.

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