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The Hearts in the Ice team returns to self-isolation and conducts educational programs from remote cabin!

Hearts in the Ice December Live Events!

Subzero temperatures. Starry skies and northern lights. A remote trapper’s cabin in Svalbard. What better stage for our December outreach events...

Dr. Don Moore, left, with Dr. Steven Amstrup, right, in a Tundra Buggy.

A Tribute to Dr. Don Moore

"Dr. Don" recently retired as director of the Oregon Zoo. He helped build bridges between zoo and wildlife professionals.

A polar bear mom with cubs.

Arctic Refuge Lease Sales Threaten Polar Bears

The decision to green light oil and gas lease sales in a critical polar bear denning ignores decades of research on the risks posed to moms and cubs.

A mother polar bear and two cubs walk on the sea ice under a sunset.

Back on the Sea Ice

Every year, the polar bear’s migration back onto the sea ice near Churchill, Manitoba surprises me. One day the bears are here and then they're gone.

Two polar bear play on the snowy tundra

Polar Bear Season: Week 4

Polar bears are starting to test the sea ice that is fast accumulating along the shores of Hudson Bay. Their dependence on sea ice is unshakably clear.

Two curious polar bears walk across the tundra.

Bear Spray and Polar Bears

A new study shows that bear spray is an important and effective deterrent in close encounters with polar bears, even in wind and cold.

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