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A polar bear dwarfed by a towering glacier in the background.

The Polar Bears of Summer

As we drew closer, the small yellow dot became more visible. It was a polar bear, casually walking along the edge of a small bay filled with sea ice.

Close-up of a polar bear's fur.

Polar Bear Questions: What Do Polar Bears Smell Like?

Take a good whiff of a polar bear's fur. What does it smell like? Dr. Thea Bechshoft says that it's as fresh and clean as their sea ice environment.

A lone polar bear on the sea ice

9 Facts About Arctic Sea Ice

Curious about the role sea ice plays in the Arctic and our global climate? As we count down to Arctic Sea Ice Day, scientist Alysa McCall shares nine key facts.

A polar bear mom swims in the ocean while her cubs watch from a patch of sea ice.

Why Oceans Matter - to Polar Bears!

In honor of World Oceans Day, we're counting down with a week's worth of facts that explore the surprising link between oceans and polar bears.

Dr. Andrew Derocher holds up the enormous paw of a tranquilized polar bear.

Spring Fieldwork on Hudson Bay

Our objectives were simple: deploy 20 ear-tag satellite radios on a sample of subadult and adult polar bears to monitor their movements and habitat use.

A polar bear approaches on the sea ice

Polar Bear Questions: Do Polar Bears Drink Water?

Polar bears live most of their life on the sea ice, surrounded by saltwater. They have found a couple of ways to get around the lack of drinking water.

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