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A polar bear on the Russian coast.

Polar Bears in Strange Locations

An exhausted polar bear recently showed up in a village on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, part of a pattern of unusual occurrences in the region recently.

Bathed in golden light, a lone polar bear strides across the sea ice.

Math and Polar Bears

Did you know that mathematical models help scientists make predictions about polar bears in the face of climate change?

A polar bear cub peers over her mom.

Threats to Polar Bear Denning Area

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a key denning area for the Southern Beaufort Sea polar bears, a population that has already declined by 40 percent.

Lone polar bear against a blue sky

Polar Poetry

Polar Bears International is joining the Instagram poetry movement to draw attention to the plight of polar bears in the Arctic.

Bird's eye view of Svalbard's mountainous terrain.

Svalbard Maternal Den Study

For our polar bear den study team in Svalbard, bone-chilling cold, difficult terrain, and unpredictable storms are all part of the challenge.

Dr. Ian Stirling at a cliff-top observation site in Canada's High Arctic.

The Amazing Breeding Behavior of Polar Bears

Polar bear mating behavior is extremely difficult to study, but scientist Ian Stirling once had the rare opportunity to observe the entire sequence.

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