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Underwater image of a beluga approaching a boat.

Belugas and Polar Bears

For two months every summer, my world revolves around the river and the whales, and the Beluga Boat becomes my second home.

A polar bear family feeding at a whale carcass site.

2019 World Ranger Day Award

This year, we are proud to present the North Slope Borough's Polar Bear Patrols in Alaska with our annual World Ranger Day Award.

Dr. Thea Bechshoft on an ice floe at the North Pole.

Thoughts from the Bow of an Icebreaker

Being onboard an icebreaker for almost two weeks on the way to and from the North Pole provided a lot of time for thought on sea ice and polar bears.

Aerial view of sea ice beginning to break up.

Arctic Sea Ice Day Raises Awareness

Arctic Sea Ice Day, created by Polar Bears International, calls attention to the meltdown taking place in the Arctic, why it matters, and how we can help.

A forlorn-looking polar bear stands on melting sea ice

The Importance of Sea Ice: from Phytoplankton to Polar Bears

As Arctic Sea Ice Day approaches, Melissa Galicia explores why sea ice matters to the wide range of creatures that live on, below, and within the ice layer.

A polar bear mom and cub.

Bear Tracker Update

With the sea ice melting on Hudson Bay, the polar bears on our Bear Tracker map are making different choices about where to come ashore.

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