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A polar bear leaps across sea ice

Key Facts About Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice Day is coming soon, July 15th, and once again, we're drawing attention to this remarkable frozen ocean ecosystem.

A mother polar bear with two cubs

Arctic Refuge Leases Suspended

Last week, the U.S. Department of the Interior suspended oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—a critical denning habitat for polar bears.

View of Arctic sea ice

Today is World Oceans Day

The frozen ocean in the Arctic is a key part of an interconnected system that helps keep our planet cool and at a stable temperature.

Bands of green northern lights shine behind a polar bear sign in Churchill.

The Sky Dance

Dazzling displays of northern lights can be seen for about nine months of the year in Churchill, the town known for its polar bears.

A tiny polar bear cub peeks out from under mom's forelegs.

Polar Bears Voted One of the New Big 5

The polar bear has been chosen as one of the top five animals for wildlife photography—with elephants, gorillas, tigers, and lions rounding out the list.

A polar bear looks straight at the camera.

Top Ranking from Charity Navigator

The most trusted nonprofit rating organization, Charity Navigator, has awarded Polar Bears International four stars, its highest possible ranking.

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