Our fall season of free Tundra Connections webcasts and live chats is just around the corner, streaming live from the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba!

Open to students, educators, and lifelong learners of all ages, the broadcasts give you a chance to see wild polar bears, learn from polar bear scientists and other experts, and ask questions live.

To join us, check out the schedule below and sign up for the programs that interest you. We’ll send you a reminder, viewing link, and list of supporting materials for classroom use.


Blubber-Hunting Ice Bears: All About Adaptations
Thursday, October 20th, 1 pm CT
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Polar bears are perfectly adapted to living on Arctic sea ice, making their harsh and freezing environment look like a breeze—but how? Join us to learn about different ways polar bears survive the cold and how we can help make sure they stay cool.
: Gr. 3+

Survival of the Fattest
Tuesday, October 25th, 12 pm CT
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For polar bears, fat is where it’s at! Unlike many other species, polar bears are healthy when obese: their blubbery diet helps them survive and thrive in their harsh environment. Tune in to learn about why this is one bear that does not need to eat its fruits and veggies.
: Gr. 4+

Trash Talk: Impacts of Human Garbage on Polar Bears
Thursday, October 27th, 1 pm CT
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Polar bears use sea ice to find and eat their favorite food, seals. But, in some parts of the Arctic polar bears are getting stuck on land longer and might sniff out other stuff to eat, resulting in unwanted human-bear interactions. Join us to learn about efforts to tackle this issue and help people and polar bears coexist safely in our warming world.
: Gr. 5+

Polar Bear Research: Impacts and Insights
Tuesday, November 1st, 1 pm CT
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Polar bears have been studied in different ways for decades. To protect the species, we must understand their needs—and we can only do that through different types of studies. However, it is also important that we evolve research techniques as our knowledge and technology improves. Join us to learn about how polar bear research has changed, what impact it has on polar bears, and what we have learned about the species.
: Gr. 6+

Decision-Making Mamas
Thursday, November 3rd, 12 pm CT
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All moms have a tough job, but polar bear moms have it especially hard. From fasting for eight months during denning, to navigating shifting sea ice with tiny babies in tow, to feeding extra mouths when food might be scarce already, polar bear moms have to conquer the odds to ensure their offspring make it to adulthood. This also means that sometimes moms have to make tough choices. Tune in to learn more about moms, cubs, and survival in the Arctic.
: Gr. 8+

Walk Like An Egyptian… Polar Bear! — Live from COP27
Tuesday, November 8th, 1 pm CT 
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Polar bears and pyramids? It might seem an unlikely combination, but major climate talks are happening in Egypt and will impact the future for polar bears—and us. Our representatives are in Sharm El Sheikh and will join us live to tell us how our leaders are protecting our future, and how we can hold them accountable.
: Gr. 5+

What Can You Learn from a Polar Bear?
Wednesday, November 9th, 11 am CT
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Join Discovery Education and travel to the tundra of Churchill, Manitoba to learn about the polar bears’ environment and the people who share it. On this live virtual field trip we will discover what enables this unique species to survive in the Arctic, explore different ways you can work with polar bears, and identify how you can protect polar bears and the planet.
Age: Kindergarten and up

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Live Chats

Passing the Bear Baton
Tuesday, October 18th, 12 pm CT
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As the fat brown bears enter their winter slumber, polar bears are just getting started. Join us as the bear cam focus shifts from brown to polar bears. We’ll talk about differences, similarities, and all things bear. 

Bear-dar: Updates from the Field
Wednesday, October 26th, 1 pm CT
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For the past several years, Polar Bears International has been working in Churchill to develop “bear-dar,” an early warning system that will notify people before bears enter into communities—keeping both species safer. Tune in to find out about our progress, technology, and what the future of human-polar bear coexistence looks like. 

Storytelling in Culture and Conservation
With Special Guests Georgina Berg (local Churchill resident) and Paul Baribault (CEO of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance) 
Monday, October 31, 12 pm CT
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Storytelling has the power to shape minds, ideas, cultures, and conservation efforts. Polar bears are viewed differently around the world, largely as a result of the stories people see and hear in the media or from friends and family. Whether telling children stories about staying bear safe while playing outside, or producing big budget movies to highlight the polar bear’s threatened future, stories can have a powerful impact on knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors. We discuss how storytelling can help us cross cultures and protect polar bears.

The Future for Polar Bears
Wednesday, November 2, 1 pm CT
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It’s easy to feel climate anxiety these days, but for Polar Bear Week we want to celebrate positive climate solutions and actions happening around the world right now. There’s a lot left to do to ensure our shared future is protected, but we are making progress one paw at a time!

*Special Event: Tundra Reflections with JoAnne Simerson*
Monday, November 15th, 12 pm CT
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After decades of traveling around the Arctic to watch polar bears, JoAnne Simerson may have more hours of polar bear viewing than almost anyone in the world. She has been a critical player in Polar Bears International programming for many years and it’s time for her to share her knowledge, and stories, with you!

Thank you to our program partners Frontiers North Adventures, explore.org, Discovery Education, Microsoft Flip, and Connected North.