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A polar bear waits beside a seal hole on the frozen ocean.

Oceans and Polar Bears

Explore the surprising connection between the frozen ocean and polar bears--and why healthy Arctic oceans are important to people too.

A polar bear mom with two cubs on the sea ice

Circadian Rhythms in Polar Bears

A new study provides insights into whether the extremes of the polar night and the midnight sun affect polar bear behavior.

Bands of green northern lights ripple across the night sky

Dancing Spirits

My elders told me when I was growing up that if you whistled at the northern lights, they would dance for you.

The research team pulls sleds with their equipment to a polar bear den site.

Q&A: Svalbard Maternal Den Study

One of our research teams spent three weeks in Svalbard, Norway just before the coronavirus shutdown, where they took part in a maternal den study.

A polar bear mom and cub on the sea ice

Bear Tracker Update Spring 2020

What are the bears up to on our Bear Tracker map? Find out what spring means to the polar bears of Hudson Bay.

Scientist Thea Bechshoft in the vastness of an Arctic landscape.

A Tale of Wild and Zoo Polar Bears

My field work with wild polar bears has taken me across the Arctic. But, sometimes, answers to critical polar bear questions can be found closer to home

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