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A polar bear mom rests while her two cubs play

Top 5 Favorite Mom and Cub Facts

All moms work hard, but polar bears are some of the hardest working single moms, with no help from dad and a fasting period that can last 8 months..

Artwork depicting the northern lights

The Aurora and Its Fantastic Indigenous Interpretations

Throughout the ages, people have wondered where the aurora comes from, what makes its veils dance and swirl, and what its meaning could be.

A polar bear waits by a seal's breathing hole

An Accidental Icon

The polar bear emerged as a poignant symbol of climate change after long-term studies linked shrinking sea ice with serious impacts on their populations.

The aurora borealis shimmers over a snowy landscape.

Taaq: The Polar Night and Its Inspirations

In Greenland, it is the polar night that the Inuit hold most dear. “Taaq” means “it is dark"--and it is the season when laughter is

Melting sea ice

How Did Polar Bears Survive Past Warm Interglacial Periods?

How did polar bears survive with little or no sea ice in the past--and could they do so again? That's the question that people quite reasonably ask.

Two polar  bears nuzzle in golden light

Together, We Accomplished So Much

As we look back over the past year, we’re filled with gratitude for all you made possible to help ensure the polar bear's future.

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