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The Beluga Cam provides an unparalleled window in the underwater world—including an auditory experience through a hydrophone! Tune in to experience the wonder.

Summer Beluga Cam and Live Chats

This year we decided to schedule specific live chats so you can mark your calendars and know exactly when to tune into the Beluga Cam from afar!

Beluga whales swimming in the Churchill River estuary.

The Belugas of Summer

Chunks of sea ice float to the beach. With the ice break-up comes the welcome return of beloved seasonal residents—beluga whales!

A polar bear leaps from one ice floe to the next.

9 Facts About Arctic Sea Ice

On Arctic Sea Ice Day, July 15th, we draw attention to this remarkable ecosystem, the ice loss taking place, and how we can help.

Close up of two polar bears

We Stand Together

Out of respect for George Floyd and the urgent need to end racial injustice, we paused our communications last week to let other voices be heard.

Two young polar bear cubs against a snowy backdrop.

A History of PBI's Den Research

Scientists with Polar Bears International have studied polar bear behavior at den sites and methods to find dens under the snow since the early 2000s.

Two young cubs stay close to their mom.

Polar Bear Denning

For polar bears, the denning process begins in spring when female bears pair up with males on the sea ice.

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