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A polar bear stands on a dusting of snow

It's Polar Bear Season!

Polar bear viewing in Churchill will be very different this year due to the pandemic. Fortunately, we're still planning a full schedule of virtual outreach.

A polar bear strides on the snow

Bear Spray Effective in a Variety of Conditions

A new study finds bear spray to be effective in wind and cold—in fact, in all environmental conditions where bears occur.

Carla Cook/Polar Bears International

Summer's End in Churchill

Summer in Churchill is always very brief. Flowers have come and gone, and the lush greens of the tundra have turned to vibrant reds and golden yellows.

A polar bear mom and two cubs swim in ice-cold water.

Polar Bear Questions: How Can Polar Bears Survive Swims in Icy Waters?

Humans can't survive long swims in ice-cold water, so how do polar bears do it? Staff Scientist Thea Bechshoft says the answer lies in one wobbly little word.

Melting sea ice

A Sign of the Future: Summer 2020 in the Arctic

This year's Arctic sea ice minimum is part of a troubling downward trend, reminding us of how much climate change has already impacted the region.

Close up of male polar bear, with long guard hairs visible on front legs

Secrets in Polar Bear Hair

Our study looked for the presence of trace elements in polar bear hair to see what insights could be gained.

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