Polar bear mom and cub walking together

Tundra Connections Schedule

Join us once again this spring for a series of free educational webcasts and live events, created especially for students, but that everyone can watch and enjoy. Students will be able to ask their questions to polar bear scientists LIVE. Be sure to bring your curiosity, creativity and questions!

Arctic STEAM: Women in Northern Research (with Microsoft)
Hosted by Alysa McCall, with Thea Bechshoft, Cassandra Debets and Kasey Ryan
Wednesday, March 24, 12 pm CT Register Here
Join our panel of amazing women in Arctic research to talk about their studies and adventures. Whether the topic is sea ice, seals, belugas, or polar bears, northern science is pretty cool. Bring your questions and get ready to be inspired.

"Climate Action" Virtual Youth Forum for Remote & Indigenous Communities
Alysa McCall and Marissa Krouse with Cassandra Debets
Wednesday, April 7th, 12 pm CT Register Here
Join our Climate Action Virtual Youth Forum for Remote & Indigenous Communities. Learn some polar bear basics like why they are dependent on Arctic sea ice and how climate change is impacting their home. Learn why sea ice also matters for the entire planet and how everything we do for polar bears is good for people, too. We also discuss climate action strategies and celebrate how youth around the world are working together to ensure a healthy future for all.

Spring Extravaganza: Seals, Cubs, Mating, and More
Hosted by Alysa McCall, TBD
Tuesday, April 13, 1 pm CT Watch Here or Register in Advance
Spring is in the air and so is the scent of seals! Right now, polar bears are gorging themselves on young seals, new cubs are learning how to navigate the sea ice, and males are sniffing out their next mate. There is lots to celebrate this spring so please join us and bring your polar bear questions!

Earth Day Celebration (with the Oregon Zoo)
Hosted by Alysa McCall
Thursday, April 22, Time TBD Watch Here or Register in Advance
Join us to celebrate the earth and polar bears! We will be live from the new polar bear exhibit at the Oregon Zoo where we will discuss how we can learn so much about wild polar bears from their cousins in zoos—plus fun facts about this amazing Arctic animal. Help us protect polar bears as well as ecosystems and people around the planet.

We're grateful to our Platinum Sponsor, Frontiers North Tundra Buggy Adventure. Generous support has also been provided by explore.org, the philanthropic media organization and multi-media arm of The Annenberg Foundation, as part of its Pearls of the Planet initiative, a variety of live feeds that aim to help people fall in love with the world again.

Special thanks also to Dr. Julene Reed, an Apple Distinguished Educator and PBI Education Advisory Council member, who works with the Tundra Connections program, and to Discovery Education, Microsoft Education's Skype in the Classroom, Connected North, Frontier School Division, Churchill Northern Studies Centre, TakingITGlobal, and Canada Goose.