Mini-Course Overview

Polar Bears International is excited to provide these online learning modules as part of the training for the PBI Climate Alliance. 

This coursework consists of activities designed to provide you with the opportunity to review and also learn new information about polar bears, climate change, and civic engagement.

Our hope is that this course will help you:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of climate science, the Arctic sea ice habitat, polar bears, and key issues related to northern communities 

  • Enhance your skills as climate change communicators and presenters

  • Begin to assess your aptitude, knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards being a community change agent and working with your AAC team

  • Begin to work with experienced community change agents through PBI’s Arctic Ambassador network and facilitate teamwork within your own institution

  • Enhance your skills as storytellers, and strengthen you relationship with your institution’s communications team

  • Strengthen your personal networks and provide a space to plug into a community of support

What resources do you need to participate?

  • Computer with internet access 

  • An active login and username on Discord

Course Schedule: 

  • The course will start in May 2024.

  • The course consists of five activities that will be available in sequential order according to the deadlines below. Please do not work ahead.

    • Polar Bear Natural History - To be completed by May 17, 2024 - Add to Calendar

    • Climate Change and Sea Ice - To be completed by June 5, 2024 - Add to Calendar

    • Polar Bears in a Warming World - To be completed by June 20, 2024 - Add to Calendar

    • Working with your AAC Team - To be completed by July 3, 2024 - Add to Calendar

    • Effecting Change and Civic Engagement - To be completed by July 19, 2023 - Add to Calendar

  • After completing this coursework we will break for a week or two and begin our work with the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) in late July.

Course Structure and Course Navigation: 

  • You can navigate to each activity using the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.  You'll notice each activity has a launching page, from which you will complete each component. You will see additional sections of the course in the tool bar/navigation bar at the top of the page as they become available. 

  • Each Activity has four components (Focus, Explore, Reflect, Apply).  Each page has a module at the bottom of the page to help guide you through each of the four components of each Activity. You'll need to complete all four components for each Activity.  For example, with Activity One, you'll start with 1A, then continue on through 1B, 1C, and 1D.  Please complete the components in order - they build on each other. 

  • You will not be graded for this online course.  However, completion of this course is critical for your full participation in the 2024 Climate Alliance program. We will track your contributions in the online community as an assessment tool in order to best support your growth as a PBI Climate Alliance participant. 

  • Please note where Guiding Questions are included throughout the Activities, to be posted in the Discord server (our online community). These will help guide your online course experience.

Mama polar bear walking with her two cubs following behind image

Next Steps

Begin Activity One: Polar Bear Natural History