Activity 5D: Apply

Polar Bear Mom Snuggling with Twin Cubs

Photo: Tim Auer / Polar Bears International

Advocacy at Your Organization

Watch this video to see the core story of polar bears

  1. What’s at stake?

  2. Why it matters?

  3. What can we do about it?

Then, take a moment to review our priorities for taking action on behalf of polar bears.

Questions to consider

  • Where does advocacy fit into your action plan?

  • Is advocacy part of your organization’s conservation strategy?

  • How can you navigate the politics in your region to do effective advocacy?

  • How can you find out what climate policy efforts are underway at the state and national level?

Photo: Emily Ringer / Polar Bears International

A group of youth delegates at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland

Advocacy Toolkit

We’ve gathered our resources to create an advocacy toolkit for polar bears and climate action. Please review it, bookmark it on your computer and start to think about if/how you would like to include advocacy into your action plan.

Additional Reading

While we emphasize the need for policy changes and community action, we also talk about the collective power of individuals to help change social norms and galvanize public support for meaningful action on climate warming.

… increasing public support 
could spur climate policies in many countries, 
which could catalyze the deployment of clean technologies, 
which could drive down their costs, 
which could further increase public support, 
… and so on in a cascading positive feedback effect.

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Mother bear and her two cubs cuddled up to one another


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