Activity 2D: Apply

Polar bear jumping sea ice floes

Peer Reflections in Climate

During Activity Two, you spent time reviewing your knowledge of how and why our world is warming. Our goal is that you're more comfortable with the background knowledge of how climate change works and how it is impacting Arctic sea ice. We'll talk a bit more about ways you can frame this knowledge in connection with the NNOCCI course you will be taking this summer. More on that later!

In the meantime, don't forget to access your AAC Toolbox. And check back later this summer for new assets for Arctic Sea Ice Day, which falls annually on July 15th! Even better—start thinking about how you would like to work with your AAC team to incorporate Polar Bears International’s Save our Sea Ice Campaign into your work.

It's Arctic Sea Ice Day!

If you happen to be working at an institution without polar bears in your care, start thinking about how you might communicate about the importance of Arctic sea ice, especially for other sea ice dependent species! And start thinking about a species you would like to focus on for sharing climate impacts with your community.

Please follow the link to the Discord community and post your comments on the following questions:

  • What are some obstacles you’ve had when communicating about climate change?

  • What are some common misconceptions you (or your co-workers) face when talking about climate change?

  • Do you notice a culture of climate skepticism within your community? 

  • Name one thing you learned about sea ice.

  • Is there any additional information on climate change and sea ice you would like to have

  • Please also take time to comment on at least two other entries in the Discord community

Close Up of polar bear

Photo: Kieran McIver / Polar Bears International


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