Photo: BJ Kirschhoffer / Polar Bears International

Aerial image of the Churchill coastline with no snow

Activity Four

Working with your AAC Team


In this next section you'll get an overview of some of the work of the AZA Polar Bear Species Survival Plan, the AZA Polar Bear Research Council, and the Arctic Ambassador Center Network. The goal is for you to have an understanding of what the network does and start thinking about your role within your own Arctic Ambassador Center (AAC). We will introduce expectations for your action plan and tie it into the collective work of the PBI and NNOCCI networks. You should begin to work on this action plan prior to our summit in Churchill. 

Photo: Columbus Zoo

Let's start with a little inspiration while we are thinking about how all the pieces fit together!

We think this video speaks to the importance of having leaders and innovators, networkers and collaborators, skilled communicators, and those who lead by example to motivate others.  Every role is important – what kind of change-maker are you?

Trees on the Churchill shoreline in fall with snow

Photo: Simon Gee


Let's begin with Activity 4A–Focus.

Mother bear and her two cubs cuddled up to one another


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