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Sleeping polar bear in Wapusk National Park

Planned Giving

Whether you’re looking to donate via appreciated securities, retirement funds, gifts in your will, or through life insurance payments, you’re helping ensure the future of polar bears.

Ways to give

Appreciated Securities

Donating appreciated securities like stocks, bonds or mutual funds can be a great way to give while providing additional tax benefits. To learn more, speak to your financial advisor.

Retirement Funds

Whether donating retirement funds during your lifetime, or as part of your estate planning, these assets can be a tax-efficient way to support causes that you care about. To learn more, speak to your financial advisor.

Gifts in Your Will

By providing a gift in your will, you are establishing a legacy for generations to come, and supporting work that was important to you during your lifetime. Contact our development staff to receive details for including Polar Bears International in your will.

Life Insurance Payments

You can help support polar bear conservation by naming Polar Bears International as a beneficiary to your retirement plans, life insurance policies, donor advised funds or commercial annuities. Contact your financial planner to learn more about this simple and flexible gift option.

Headshot of Val Beck

Val Beck

Polar Bears International Donor and Founding Board Member.

“We have seen for ourselves the ominous link between the survival of polar bears as a species and our own. That’s why our estate plans include a bequest to Polar Bears International. We believe that preserving polar bears is more than about saving an especially impressive species. It’s also a critical step toward preserving the planet for generations to come.”

— Val Beck

Headshot of Frederica Gamble

Frederica Gamble

Polar Bears International Donor and Founding Board Member.

“How can we imagine a world without polar bears for our children and our grandchildren. I can’t fathom that. I support Polar Bears International because it is the only organization solely focused on the conservation of polar bears. It is also of a size that a donor can make a difference. I feel like I make a difference.”

— Frederica Gamble

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