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Could floating platforms be used to save the polar bear from ice losses?

"Giving polar bears a place to rest doesn't solve their main problem." Continue Reading

Do recent studies on the polar bear's evolution alter the risks polar bears face as the world warms?

"A 2012 DNA study of polar bears and brown bears pushed back the polar bear's origin to about five million years ago. Most recently, genetics researchers have returned this split to less than 600,000 years." Continue Reading

Why don't managers feed polar bears in the wild?

"Supplemental feeding at the scale required for population-level impacts, and in the caloric form poor bears need, would be fraught with hurdles." Continue Reading

Are the recent sightings of polar bear-grizzly hybrids in Canada due to climate change? Will this help save polar bears?

"The confirmation that a few animals shot by polar-bear hunters in Northwestern Canada were actually grizzly/polar bear hybrids ..." Continue Reading

Why is polar bear hunting allowed?

"The Native people of the North have long hunted polar bears. Polar bear hunting plays a central role in long-held traditions." Continue Reading

How often do polar bears attack? What's the best way to avoid or survive an encounter?

"The likelihood of being attacked by a polar bear is very rare. There are only one to three instances a year, worldwide.” Continue Reading

What is PBI’s position on polar bears in zoos? Don't polar bears have trouble adjusting to life in zoos and aquariums?

"Our goal at PBI is to conserve polar bears and their sea-ice habitat, and modern zoos and aquariums can play a critical role in their conservation." Continue Reading

Can't polar bears simply move north where the ice isn't melting? If not, why?

"As the world continues to warm, all of the sea ice eventually will be gone.” Continue Reading

With the sea ice shrinking and polar bears having a harder time hunting seals, could they eat goose eggs instead?

"Polar bears in Western Hudson Bay have been forced ashore for increasing lengths of time and when on shore their marine mammal foods are largely unavailable." Continue Reading

How did polar bears survive earlier warming trends?

"Today's projected climate warming is far more intense than anything the species has seen in its evolutionary history." Continue Reading

Can we save polar bears by moving them to Antarctica?

"Although it may seem an obvious solution, the risks outweigh the benefits." Continue Reading

Could polar bears learn to hunt like grizzlies?

“Nature rarely allows two species to fill the same ecological niche. Further, polar bears have evolved adaptations for a predatory lifestyle.” Continue Reading

Why all the fuss about polar bears? Aren't their populations booming?

"I should begin my response by saying I don't know any source for the claim that polar bears are not threatened but, in fact, are booming." Continue Reading

Can you tell me all about satellite collars and why scientists use them?

"We can get a good overview of the population's ecology by following just a few animals intensively." Continue Reading