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A polar bear tests the sea ice

Heading Back onto the Sea Ice

Although many polar bears have moved onto the sea ice that rims the shore near Churchill, conditions are still in flux and most of the bay remains open water.

Feast or Fast

"Feast or fast" perfectly describes the yearly feeding cycles of some wild polar bear populations, including the Western Hudson Bay bears.

Dr. Ian Stirling holds the Ice Bear Lifetime Achievement Award

Scientist Ian Stirling Receives Ice Bear Lifetime Achievement Award

Polar Bears International presented the award in recognition of his ground-breaking research on polar bears and decades-long commitment to their conservation.

A polar bear mother and cub on the tundra

Polar Bear Season: Week 4

This week, as new ice traces the edge of Hudson Bay, we're excited to partner with Discovery Education to bring the polar bear experience to all ages.

A polar bear lounges on the tundra, waiting for the sea ice to return.

It's Polar Bear Week!

Join us in celebrating the magnificence of the bears, sharing their story, and mobilizing to save the sea ice they depend on.

The PBI House on a snowy day.

Polar Bears International House

Grand opening! The goal of our new center in Churchill, Canada, is to help visitors learn about polar bears, sea ice loss, and the urgent need to take action.

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