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Dr. Ian Stirling at a cliff-top observation site in Canada's High Arctic.

The Amazing Breeding Behavior of Polar Bears

Polar bear mating behavior is extremely difficult to study, but scientist Ian Stirling once had the rare opportunity to observe the entire sequence.

Close-up of polar bear head, showing the long muzzle

Polar Bear Questions: Breathing in Cold Air

How do polar bears breathe in extreme cold without harming their lungs? The polar bear's long muzzle has protective powers, as do turbinate bones in the nose.

A polar bear stands on a remnant of sea ice.

Russian Polar Bears: Sign of the Times

Why did more than 50 polar bears recently converge on a Russian village? Geoff York, our senior director of conservation, cites sea ice loss and an open dump.

Table setting for Toronto gala

Toronto Gala: What a Night!

Our recent fundraising gala in Toronto was an amazing success, garnering a strong show of support for our polar bear conservation efforts.

A polar bear on the sea ice.

German and English Q & A: Eisbaren!

In honor of International Polar Bear Day, Dr. Flavio Lehner answers questions in German and English about polar bears, sea ice, and climate change.

A lone polar bear strolls across the shoreline.

7 Surprising Polar Bear Facts

With International Polar Bear Day one week away, on February 27th, we've put together a week's worth of polar bear facts!

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